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The Doortodoor Sport Equipment Company sells sports clothing and equipment. The company has decided to study the internal movement patterns of people in sales function. The HR department first collected data for 2010 and 2011 to construct a transition probability matrix. This matrix will be used to forecast availabilities for 2013.

| | |Transition Probabilities | | | |(2010-2011) |Current | | | | |(2012) | |Job Category |Level |SF |SP |ASM |RSM |Exit |No. Employees | |Sales, Full Time|1 |.50 |.10 |.05 |.00 |.35 |500 | |(SF) | | | | | | | | |Sales, Part Time|1 |.05 |.60 |.10 |.00 |.25 |150 | |(SP) | | | | | | | | |Ass. Sales |2 |.05 |.00 |.80 |.10 |.05 |50 | |Manager (ASM) | | | | | | | | |Region Sales |2 |.00 |.00 |.00 |.70 |.30 |30 | |Manager (RSM) | | | | | | | |

Use these data to answer questions 1 – 4

1. How many of the part-time salesmen are expected to be promoted to full time positions in 2013? a. 3c. 90
b. 7d. 250

2. How many of the assistant sales managers are expected to leave the company in 2013? a. 3c. 9
b. 5d. 12

3. Forecast the number of Region Sales Manager available in 2013? a. 19c.30
b. 26d.33

4. Assuming the company needs 300 full time salesmen in 2013. Identify the number of salesmen need to be hired to fulfill the requirement? a. 30c.55
b. 41d.63

5. The process of human resource planning involve the following elements EXCEPT: a. Labor Requirement forecasting
b. Labor Availability forecasting
c. Determine gaps (shortage or surplus)
d. Determine selection method

6. Making key decisions about acquisition, deployment and retention of a company’s workforce refers to staffing strategy. a. Trueb. False

7. The process of seeking to align individual KSAOs and job requirements in ways that will result in desired HR outcomes refers to ____________. a. Recruitment
b. Selection
c. person/job match
d. person organization match

8. Which of the following statement relating to external influences on staffing is FALSE? a. Changes in technology may reduce the need for certain type of workers. b. During economic downturn, organization may have more choices to select the right candidates from the labor market. c. During economic downturn, candidates may have more choices to select the best employer to work for. d. When labor demand exceeds labor supply, the labor market is said to be “tight”.

9. TechnologyFirst Sdn Bhd produces software equipment for big companies in Malaysia. The company’s mission...
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