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An effective organization must have the right people in the right job. It must also be able to reward outstanding performance and help to develop people who need to improve their skills. To meet the challenges of managing work and organizations, managers must understand the potential of human resources and then secure, retain and develop these resources. This is foundation of what is known called STAFFING/HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. DEFINITION

The staffing function of management is concerned with the acquisition, development and maintenances of efficient and satisfied team of executives in an organization .It involves the recruitment, training, development and appraisal of managerial personnel. According to Koontz and O` Donnell staffing is the executive function which involves the recruitment, selection, compensating, training, promotion and retirement of employees. According to George R. Terry, personnel management is concerned with the obtaining and maintaining of satisfied work force

DONARLD P GRANE defines personnel management as a process of supporting the accomplishment of organizational objective by continually acquiring human resource s, intergrating employees into the organization, developing employee potential and maintaining the work force. EDWIN FLIPPO defines personnel management as the process of procuring employees, developing, compensating, integrating, maintaining and separating employees in attempt t achieve organizational objectives. DONNEL JAMES H.JR Defines HR management as the process of accomplishing organizational objectives by acquiring, retaining, terminating, developing and properly using the human resources in an organization.

Objectives of staffing

• To build and maintain cordial relations between peoples working at different levels of the organization. • To ensure the effective utilization of available human resources • To provide fair working conditions, wages and amenities to employees so that each one of them makes maximum possible contribution to the organization. • To achieve the development of each individual employees to his fullest potential. • To help other managers in solving their personnel problems.


A personnel department performs two types of function
1. Managerial function
2. Operative functions
Managerial functions
These are concerned with the planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities relating to human resources. a) PLANNING-this involves determination of objectives and how to achieve them. Personnel managers lay down personnel policies and programmers for the enterprise. These are designed to ensure efficiency and uniformity in the procurement, development, compensation and maintenances of the required personnel. b) ORGANISING- it is the process of creating a structure of framework of authority –responsibility relationships among various jobs and personnel in order to achieve the specified objectives. c) DIRECTING-This implies the initiation and maintenance of organized action. In order to direct the efforts of the people in his department, the personnel manager exercise leadership and communication. d) CONTROLING-This seeks to ensure that events conform to plans as closely as possible. For the personnel manager, it implies evaluation and regulation of the performance of the personnel department.

These are concerned with the employment, training, compensation, integration and maintenance of personnel. Personnel manager is expected to perform the following operative functions. a. Procurement and employment-Procurement is concerned with employment of right number and type of people required for the objectives of the organization. It consists of man power planning, recruitment, selection and placement of the personnel. b. Development-Personnel recruited are given induction and other types of training to make them efficient employees....
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