Staffing and Selection - Person/Job Fit and Person/Organization Fit

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The use of person-job fit and person-organization fit in making selection decisions

Pierre-Emmanuel IWEINS
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Staffing and Selection
Simon C.H.CHAN


The goal of any company is to increase its profits and efficiency, and to do that, it need the human capital. Most of the companies have realized their workforce is their most valuable asset because it can give them a competitive advantage. Thus, the duty of the human resource management department is to aid the execution of the firm’s strategic goals in finding employees who “fit” well with the exact requirements of the job offered. In fact, it is really important for the organisation and the job applicant to be sure that the right job goes to the right person; offering the job to the wrong person may cause bad consequences for both the employee and the company. Thus, candidates have to thoroughly understand their job requirements so that they can decide if they could do it well. Also, they need to be informed on what type of organization they may join and if it will suit them. There are many different types of match in staffing, but in the perspective of a Staffing Quality Model, human resource managers use mainly two different ways, among others, to asses the suitability for a job: person-job fit and person-organisation fit. These job-fit measures are based on comparing the applicant’s skills to the job requirements and also on comparing applicant’s personality, values, interests and ambitious to the culture and characteristics of the organization.

It raises a fundamental question: Are these two models of staffing really efficient and do they ad value to the company in terms of the workforce’s quality? These two concepts of job/organization-fit measures will be presented and discussed separately, followed by an evaluation of their use and efficiency in the making selection process of the company. I. The person-job fit concept

The person-job fit is the traditional approach that organizations use for assessment tools in the hiring process. When a company issues a job advertisement, it characterizes the job with its requirements and rewards whereas the applicant is characterized with his qualifications and motivation. In order to be well fitted for a job, there has to be a match between the applicant and job’s characteristics. In other words, the person-job fit corresponds to the match between the individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities (called KSAOs), needs and demands of the job and what is actually provided by the job. For example, if a person is very logical, good in mathematics and likes physics, he is fitted to be an engineer.

Needless to say that companies need to furnish accurate and realistic information about the job, so that the applicant can analyse the degree of match between there KSAOs and the job requirements. Because, when there is a job fit, the employee is very satisfied in his work, has no intention to leave the company and is very productive; he adds value to the organization. For the matching process, companies have a lot of tests for every type of skills and competency. For example, they can assess for personal skills, intelligence, adaptation, cognitive preferences, leadership, autonomy, efficiency under pressure and others.

However, as a staffing model, this concept has some limits and companies don’t only use the person-job fit in order to find the right person for the job. In fact, they also want to assess if the applicant is a good match for the organization.

II. The person-organization fit concept

We have seen that companies’ first priority is to make sure that the applicant is well fitted to the job in a way that he fills all the job requirements. However, organizations need to think beyond whether someone simply has the technical skills and the experience needed to perform in the job: they need to assess...
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