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Staff Handbook

By | November 2012
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Staff Handbook

Printed on: [ 15 November 2012 ]


Welcome to <Company>
Staff Handbook

**Our aim in producing this document was to create a one-stop information point where you would be able to access all the information you are likely to need in relation to your employment with us. The Handbook and corresponding policy documents form part of your contract of employment with <Company>.

The document gives an overview of the terms and conditions of your employment, and outlines what you can expect from us as your employer. In return we ask you for a high degree of commitment, dedication and loyalty to help us achieve the aims and objectives of the Company.

I hope you find this a useful guide during your employment with us. However if you are unable to find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact your line manager who will certainly be able to find an answer for you.

**Chairman / Managing Director / Chief Executive


3.Starting with <Company>5
a.About the Company5
b.Your induction5
c.Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions5
d.Our Relocation Policy6
e.Probation Periods6
f.Your Attendance at Work7
i)Notification of Absence7
ii)Sickness Payments7
g.Hours of Work7
h.Flexible Working8
i.**Criminal Records Checks8
j.Conflict of Interest8
k.Standards of Performance and Behaviour at Work9
ii)Company Premises9
iii)Personal Property9
iv)Telephones & Correspondence9
v)Smoking and Other Substances at Work10
vii)Computer, email and Internet use10
viii)Receipt of Gifts11
ix)Bribery and other Corrupt Behaviour11
l.Data Protection and Access to Information12
m.Changes in Personal Information for Employment...

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