Stadium Contracts

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Need to talk about criteria/ funding where the money came from

The Wembley stadium was built using a Design and build Procurement strategy. A Design and build strategy is where a single contractor is responsible for both the design and construction of the stadium. The client must specify the type of building they require and the contractor proposes the best design to meet this, this information was found at the web address

A design and build project allows the low risk factor as for the client has the contractor takes on the risk by offering a fixed cost contract. The web address states the original provision for a building cost was around £352m, with total project costs of £757m. A fixed price contract protects the client from any expiring costs, for example if the construction of the stadium was to have any over runs or delays.

The main contractor building Wembley stadium was Multiplex (UK) Ltd and Cyril Sweett acted as independent consultants to Wembley National Stadium Limited (WNSL). In April 2002 the client was advised by Cyril Sweet the Multiplex contract was representing value for money this was stated on web address

Although Multiplex was the main contractor the project was project managed by Symonds. From the outset of this project was focused on risk transfer, the WNSL passed on all the risk to Multiplex and Multiplex passed on the risk to Symonds. Although the procurement method between the WNSL and Multiplex was Design and build, the procurement strategy for Multiplex and their sub-contractors was solely focused on risk transfer and not the needs of the project.

a discussion on the criteria which would have been used to select the procurement strategy / building contract.

The project priorities was

The management capability

The extent of risk that WNSL were prepared to accept was...
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