Stability Strategy of Bata Co.

Topics: Strategic management, Bond, Credit rating Pages: 6 (1077 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Max. Marks: 100
External Assessement : 60
Internal Assessment : 40
Unit - I
Financial Services - Meaning, types and their importance.
Securities Trading - Online Vs Offline Trading, Demat and Remat. Depository - Introduction, Concept, depository participants, functioning of depository systems, process of switching over to depository systems, benefits, depository systems in India, SEBI regulation.

Unit - II
Mutual funds and AMCs - concept, origin and growth of mutual funds, Constitution & management of MFs - Sponsors, Trustees, AMCs, and custodians. Clasification of mutual fund schemes, advantages and disadvantages in mutual fund schemes, NAV and pricing of mutual fund units. State of mutual funds in India.

Insurance Services- Introduction, Principles of insurance, Types of Insurance. Life Insurance Products- Traditional and ULIPs.
Credit rating - the concept and objective of credit rating, various credit ratings agencies in India and International credit rating agencies, factors affecting credit rating & procedural aspects.

Unit - III
Leasing - concept and development of leasing, business, difference between leasing & hire purchase, types of leasing business, advantages to lessor and Lessee.
Merchant Banking - Origin and development of merchant banking in India Scope, organisational aspects and importance of merchant bankers. Latest Guidelines of SEBI w.r.t Merchant bankers.
Venture capital - concepts and characteristics of venture capital, venture capital in India, guidelines for venture capital.
Unit - IV
Call money market, Treasury bill market, Commercial Bill market, Market for CPs and CDs, Discount market and market for financial guarantees. Factoring - Development of factoring types & importance, procedural aspects in factoring, financial aspects, prospects of factoring in India. Plastic Money - Concept and different forms of plastic money - credit and debit cards, pros and cons. Credit process followed by credit card organizations. Factors affecting utilization of plastic money in India.

Recommended Text Books:
S.No Author Title Publisher
1. E.Gordon & K. Natarajan Financial Markets & Services Himalaya 2. Lalit K.Bansal Merchant banking & Financial Services Unistar Books Suggested Readings:
S.No Author Title Publisher
1. S Gurusamy Financial services & system Thomson
2. Nalini P T Financial Instruments and services PHI
3. M Y Khan Financial Services Tata McGraw-
4. L M Bhole Financial Institutions & Markets Tata McGraw- Hill
5. Lalit K. Bansal Merchant Banking & Financial Services Unistar Books 6. Gordon & Natarajan Financial Markets & Services Himalaya

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws (MB-(964)

Industrial Relations-Concept , Theories and Evolution.
System approach to IR-Actors, Context, Web of Rules & Ideology Trade UNIONSIM, impact of trade unions on wages
The Trade unions Act ,1926 {with amendments}
Grievance Handling
Tripartite and bipartite bodies
Anatomy of Industrial disputes.
Conciliation , arbitration and adjudication
Collective Bargaining : Concept, meaning and objectives.
Approaches, technique & Strategies to collective Bargaining Process of Collective Bargaining
Impact of CB and workers participation in management on IR
Industrial relations in UK & USA, Japan & Russia
The industrial Disputes Act,1947{with amendments}
Factories Act{with amendments}
Sr. Author Title Publisher
1. Johan.T.Dunlop Industrial System
2. Arun Monappa Industrial Relations Tata McGraw Hill
3. Mamoria & Dynamic of Industrial Himalaya
Mamoria Realtions in Indai Publishing House
4. Blain Pane International Encyclopedia
of Industrial Relations
5. Clark Kler Labour &Managemnt in
Industrial society
6. C.N.Patil Collective Barganing University
7. S.C.Srivastava Industrial Relation...
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