St. Pasquale Di Baylon

Topics: Christianity, Monastery, 2002 albums Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: March 25, 2009
Pascal’s parents were a middle class family living a very religious life. His father was a carpenter and his mother worked at monastery cooking food. Pascual was constantly on the move because his mother always went to different monasteries because the old ones were always getting attacked. His father had died when Pascual was only 10 years old and that year he had become very religious. He would always be at monasteries with his mother praising the lord and trying to learn the most about him. He was also a very smart person at his time. When he was 14 he started his missionary and was the youngest in his group. He always had an answer for everything and knew how to convince people of the true meaning of god. He showed people in poverty one strong message. At times you will be alone with no person around, in a dark slum with hardly any light but god will always be there for you. When you have no person o trust, no money and no place to live, god will always be there for you. This message made a lot of non-believers to convert and see the true light. A lot of these converters tried to convince other people to convert by showing them lines in the bible that really connected to them. Pascual was also known for telling one particular story about this person who donated all his money to Jesus and had nowhere to live but believed god could help him. God made this person become a famous writer and showed a ruler his work and he was amazed. That poor guy that did that became very holy and rich. But instead of using that wealth for himself he helped needy people too. As you can see St. Pascual was a great person. He actually didn’t become a saint until 300 years after he died. No one actually realized his great work until some writings were discovered after the Spanish War. St. Pascual makes me believe the same stories that he told to people. That no matter what god will always be with me anywhere. During my short life here on earth and my eternal life in heaven, no...
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