St. Maria Goretti: Small but Mighty

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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St. Maria Goretti: Small but Mighty
For little kids, they have a sense of innocence to them. Not really knowing between right and wrong. Not realizing that there is bad in the world. Kids are kept sheltered until they eventually learn to discover the real world. There comes a time when they know that the world is not all good, because it has taken advantage of his or her innocence. Sometimes they don’t understand it, sometimes they try to understand it but just can’t, sometimes they just have to accept it with no answers. St. Maria Goretti’s life was cut short; she had been taken advantage of, yet begin so young, so refused to give into sin. According to The Book of Saints, published by The Regina Press, St. Maria Goretti was born in Corinaldo, Italy on October 16, 1890 to Luigi Goretti and Assunta Carlini. Her father was a farm l and her laborer and her family was very poor. Her father moved his wife and five kids to Ferriere de Conca in hopes of better work. There he died of malaria, and Maria was only 9 years old. A mother with 6 kids, and struggling to survive, the family moved onto the Serenelli farm where they worked. On July 5, 1902, an 18 year old named Alessandro Serenelli attacked Maria trying to rape her. Telling him she’s rather die than give into his commands, angrily he stabbed her 14 times with a long dagger. Maria’s family found her and rushed her to the hospital. She lived for another 24 hours and died holding a crucifix, a medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and had forgiven her attacker and asked God to forgive him too. Instead of being filled with anger, she prayer for Alexandro to find peace and for her family to be provided for. She had died before even turning 12 (Hoagland & Angelini).

Even though she had died very young she was a great influence after she died. Catholic Online states, Alexandro was sentenced to thirty years in prison. He was unrepentant and did not find peace; he could not find remorse for himself or for Maria’s...
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