St. Louis Cardinals vs Albert Pujols

Topics: St. Louis Cardinals, Major League Baseball, St. Louis, Missouri Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Before the beginning of the 2011 season, Albert and the St. Louis Cardinals agreed to a contract deadline. Albert did not want contract negotiations to be a distraction for him during the season and asked that all discussions and offers wait until the end of the season. As asked, we respected Mr. Pujols wishes. Goals:

Our goal was to keep Albert in St. Louis. Over the past ten years, he has become an icon to the great city. He is not only the best player in baseball, and on his way to having a Hall of Fame career, but an iconic figure in sports. While in negotiation, we wanted to keep in mind our common goals. Albert and the Cardinals wanted to play great baseball. We wanted them to play great baseball and it was our job to find the best people to do that. We also wanted to negotiate terms that would protect our organization. Going into negotiation, the Cardinals’ goal was to pay a fair price for a player of Albert’s age, ability, and achievements. Knowing his statistics, we expected a hard bargain. Leverage:

Pujols received $16 million in 2011. Cardinal management acknowledged he was in line for a raise from that, but the question was how much and for how long. They knew the risk that another team could offer a higher bid that they could not match, but hoped the open market would not be as welcoming as Albert and his agent, Dan Lozano, had hoped. The Cardinals did not have a lot of leverage in this negotiation. They were one of many teams that sought after the great player and the one with the right price and package was going to win. However, they hoped that Albert’s ties to the area would be enough to make up for any of the money they could bring to the table. Norms:

The 31 year old baseball player had 30 home runs, driven in 100 runs, scored 100 runs, and batted .300 for eleven straight years. These stats are great, but our question became can they continue? We had to keep in mind averages and norms for professional baseball players. The...
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