St. John Bosco

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Year Two Confirmation
Saint Report
April 8, 2013
Saint John Bosco
Giovanni Bosco lived from August 16, 1815 to January 31, 1888. Bosco was born in Piedmont, Italy. He was the youngest son of Francesco Bosco and Margherita Occhienia. St. John Bosco's father died when he was only three years old, this, along with a famine, made life very hard for Giovanni's family. Although strucken by tough times, young Bosco still managed to have a positive childhood, in which he was a firm believer of God. To escape total poverty, Bosco aspired to join the order of priests. Bosco's youth was blessed with a visitation from God when he was only nine years old. In the dream where God spoke to Bosco, Bosco was young men and boys acting savagely to the people in charge of them. God then spoke to Bosco, saying "You will have to win these friends of yours, not with blows , but with gentleness and kindness. So begin to show them now that sin is ugly and virtue is beautiful. This was the inspiration that led Bosco on his life journey, which was a journey of piety and service to the young, who needed his attention so badly.

St. John Bosco's first priestly orders were to a girls school in Turin. Bosco was a teacher and priest there. Bosco stayed busy with other things though, such as visiting prisons, teaching catechism and helping neighboring parishes. rom there Bosco was then moved to the oratory of St. Francis de Sales. While there Bosco saw the many orphaned boys between the age of 12 and 18. Bosco tried countless times to help. Bosco let them stay in his house but they stole from him. This did not discourage Bosco though, he kept trying. Eventually Bosco was able to befriend some the boys and by 1852 he had 32 boys in the oratory. As times got tougher more boys flocked to the oratory in need of help and by 1861 St. John housed over 800 boys. St. John Bosco, not only housed the young men, he set them up with apprenticeships and they were taught skilled so they...
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