St Ignatius Loyola

Topics: Ignatius of Loyola, Society of Jesus, Ad maiorem Dei gloriam Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: August 26, 2008
St Ignatius Loyola
What put Ignatius Loyola on the religious path was being at the siege of Pamplona. At the siege, Ignatius was hit in both legs by a cannon ball, and the cannon ball broke them. He was taken to a nearby castle and there he spent months of pain, reading only 2 books; instead of his favorite books about killing, pillaging, soldiers and wealth, the 2 books that the castle had were about Jesus and the good will of other Saints that helped people. This is what I believe to have put him on the religious path. Here in my paragraphs I will try to prove this theory.

The characteristics that Ignatius had was that he was humble, he had a positive attitude towards everything, he was determined in what he did, he was most definitely unselfish and also, he was trustworthy. His actions were that of helping others, or helping people to go on the religious path, and turned them towards God. He also created a group of people called the Company of Jesus, or, the Jesuits, who went around spreading the Word of God.

The community that Ignatius Loyola grew up in was excellent. He was born of noble birth, so that was a great start in life for him. When he was a young man, he always wanted to be rich powerful and handsome. Ignatius saw a lot of poverty and famine throughout his time, which made him even more determined to do what he did.

When he was at the siege of Pamplona, he was seriously injured when a cannon ball hit and broke both of his legs; this was the major turn-around in his life. After he was hit, he was taken to a nearby castle. During many excruciating months of pain, the castle he was staying in only had 2 books to read; not his favorite ones about knights, rich people, killing and pillaging, but about love, compassion and saints who did good deeds. After reading these books, he began the major turn-around in his life began to take place, and he also began to look at his life with a whole new perspective, and made the big change; instead of...
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