St. Francis College Case Study

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St. Francis University was a medium-sized private University, located in a major port city in Visayas. The University is well known for its engineering and Science degree courses and was one of the better private universities in the city. It boasts of a total of 26,000 enrollees at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The College of Commerce was a major unit of the University. However, it has only 3000 student enrollees or so, compared to the College of Engineering, which accounted for more than a third of the University’s enrollment. The College of Commerce has 55 full time faculty and over 100 lecturers. The faculty members taught as many as 5 courses per semester while the lecturers taught three courses. The College of Commerce was distributed among the four major fields, namely: Banking and Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Business Management. In June of 1988, Mr. Santos assumed the position of Dean of the College of Commerce. Since the college experienced rapid growth in enrollment in the University during the past ten years, Dean Santos wanted to combine curricular improvements and administrative changes that would improve the College’s efficiency and effectiveness. Under the Dean are six Department heads. These department heads were senior faculty who were considered academically and professionally well-prepared in the department. These department heads have teaching quotas and at the same time, they also have administrative duties to fulfill such as training new recruits and providing recommendation to fellow faculty for promotion. On the other hand, these department heads also enjoy special allowances depending on their rank and seniority. Seeing all the extra expenses, Dean Santos proposed a departmental reorganization so as to alleviate the College’s unnecessary expenses and streamline the departments in such a way that they can cross-fertilize with each other. However, the department heads, as well as the faculty were unanimously against the proposal of Dean Santos, arguing that merging the six departments into three would entail loss of academic identity. They also argued that the merger would increase the size of each department and the homogenous nature of the College will be lost as well.

What would be the better organizational structure to be adopted by St. Francis College of Commerce, in order for them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their college?

A.To determine which organizational structure can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the college. B.To retain harmonious relationship among faculty members.
C.To challenge and motivate the College of Commerce to achieve their full potential in providing academic excellence.

IV.Areas of Consideration
A.St. Francis University
The University is a medium-sized private University in a major port city in the Visayas. It is one of the better universities in the city and well known primarily for its Engineering and Science degree courses and has a total enrollment of 26,000 in graduate & undergraduate levels.

B.College of Commerce
It is a major unit of the University but was a far second in enrolment, at 3000 students or so, to the College of Engineering. It has 4 major fields namely: Banking & Finance, Accounting, Marketing, & Business Management. The college also has 55 full time faculty and over 100 lecturers. The college has also experienced one of the major rapid growths in enrollment in the University during the past ten years.

C.Dean Santos
He was the former Vice Dean for Administration under the College of Commerce and is the current Dean of the College of Commerce. He is now responsible for the administrative aspects of the operations of the College, including student records and services, accounting, supplies, maintenance, and class scheduling to name a few. He was eager to improve further the enrollment of the College and he wants to...
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