St. Augustine's Confessions

Topics: Christianity, Augustine of Hippo, Salvation Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Confessions, was written by Aurelius Augustine, who was ordained in the Christian Church and was named Bishop of Hippo. Confessions, is like an account of Augustine’s life before accepted God and joined the Christian. “In his Confessions he set down, for the benefit of others, the story of his early life and his conversion to Christianity.” (1113) In this autobiography he describes his childhood and his education then goes on to describe his life in adulthood before converting to Christianity. In his writing he talks about crying for Dido after reading The Aeneid. Why is his reference to Dido Important in his confession? What role does his education play in his Confession and in his conversion to Christianity?

Augustine was born to a Christian mother and a non-Christian father. As a child and young adult he was taught Greek Philosophy, Latin and Mathematics. Augustine though he hated his studies went on to become a teacher himself. Along the way to his adulthood Augustine committed sins against God and Christianity which he talked about in Confessions. Augustine and his friends had relations with women out of wedlock and stole for fun. He lived with a woman and had a son with her. “Meanwhile my sins were multiplied. She with whom I had lived so long was torn from my side as a hindrance to my forthcoming marriage. My heart which had held her very dear was broken and wounded and shed blood. She went back to Africa, swearing that she would never know another man, and left with me the natural son I had had of her.”(1127) Not only was he living with a woman but he had a child out of wedlock which is frowned upon in Christian and other religious communities. Thinking he was going to get married he sent his mistress away. This situation made him identify Dido’s situation and sympathize with what she went through in The Aeneid. Dido was abandoned by the man the man she loved and was so heartbroken that she killed herself. Augustine’s mistress suffered the same...
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