Topics: Eukaryote, Cell, Protein Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: December 19, 2013
RESOURCES- 1.J.H,J.L(2009). Cell structure and function.Modern Biology(p.84) Orlando: Holt, Rinehart, and, Winston. 2.Chisholm ,Ryan(2002) Retrieved 10/27/2013.


Why Is the cytoskelton crucial for survival of both cells and humans? Cytoskeleton forms the framework of the cell just as our skeleton. The cytoskeleton helps the cell maintain its shape, helps in cell movement, and maintains inner cellular organization. WITHHOUT the cytoskeleton, the cell will be disfigured and shapeless. Also most importantly no movement can occur inside the cell causing an imbalance in inner cellular chemical reactions and no organization inside the cell. This can lead to cells dying and ultimately kill living things. After all this, give us one good reason why the cytoskeleton is not the most important organelle….. that’s what I thought.

WHat do these 3 parts do?
Microtubules- are hollow tubes made of the protein called tubulin. This tubulin contains two different sub-units. The microtube holds all organelles in place so without this the organelles will collide with each other or float around randomly. The microtubules also act as tracks for the organelles to move. Microfilaments- are long threads of the protein actin which wrap around each other like ropes. Microfilaments help in the movement of cells, especially white blood cells and muscle cells. Intermediate Filaments- are rods that anchor the nucleus and some other organelles to hold their places inside the cell. They also maintain the shape the nucleus. These alsoso produce hair follicles. WHAT IS THE CYTOSKELETon?.

The cytoskeleton is a network of thin tubes and filaments that crisscrosses the cytosol .The tubes and filaments give shape to the cell from the inside and support it much like a human skeleton supports our bodies. The cytoskeleton also acts as “railroad”...
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