Ssh 301 Honour Killings

Topics: Sociology, Domestic violence, Honor killing Pages: 6 (2646 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Honour Killings Spreading Through the Globe

Honour killing is an act of murder usually done by a family member, predominately males towards females, where the victim has supposedly dishonoured the family. Honour is one of the main concepts that a family values leaving it to be held higher than almost any other concept. It is associated with pride and is carried within a family; a reputation in a sense. Honour killings are committed when the sense of honour has been disturbed. Men find that honour is a big part of their lives and when people within the family dishonour the family it causes the men shame and will want to gain their honour back. Many researchers have found that culture plays a great role in this, while looking at both psychological and sociological. However, innocent lives are taken because of the different views and peoples personal emotions. The reason I chose this topic was to find more information about honour killings. After the recent honour case trial that was presented to us in the media, I wonder how many more honour killings took place throughout the world and what causes honour killings. More so I wanted to see why women victimized more than men in honour killing cases and what makes these killings different from murders. Starting off with what causes honour killings and what is the initial reason why people honour kill, then looking at different cultural aspects that may be factors within honour killing and finally looking at why women are victimized and why men are the ones who initiate the honour killings. Disrespecting a family has a big impact within many families. Honour killings usually occur for the sole purpose of someone in the family dishonouring them. Nancy V. Baker, Peter R. Gregware and Margery A. Cassidy (1999) stated that honour killings not only have a psychological aspect but a sociological aspect as well. The construction of how society has created a family to be and the honour that a family must carry is ranked very high in a family’s value system. Unlike Korteweg’s (2012) analysis who believes that media is putting a different spin on honour killings targeting those of only a certain country or place, such as the Islamic culture. She will, however, agree that culture plays a big role in honour killings because different cultures have different views on many different things, seeing that a culture will value honour and pride while understanding the importance of power within a household, plays a key role in honour killings. Muazzam Nasrullah, Sobia Haqqi, Kristin J. Cummings (2009) did an analysis on honour killings looking at newspapers within Pakistan that reported about honour killings. All these stories varied of age and the year it was committed but majority of these findings noted that infidelity was the major cause of honour killings. Women would have relations with other men that they were originally unable to marry because their families would not let them marry the man of their choice. This would lead to divorce and that in itself is a dishonour to the family. Phyllis Chesler (2009) agreed with everything listed above although she also recognized that honour killings come across with more than just infidelity as a reason. She claims that the way a women dresses, how her hair is done, and her behaviour among other things also play a role in why honour killings occur. The reason being that women tend to deter away from the cultural norms of the place they live in or what they are taught and follow more modern and western trends that family members are not accustomed too. This brings us to understand that mostly women are victimized for this crime. All of these authors focused on the abuse of women and how they were affected by honour killings. The reason for focusing on women was to state that dishonouring in families seems to only be done by women who are trying to progress in society and fit in with their surroundings, especially those women who are not brought...
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