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The economic arguments for SSD server acceleration started changing 10 years ago from going faster at high cost to actually costing less - by using less servers in some high-end SSD accelerated apps. Then, through the 2000 to 2005 years as flash got cheaper and HDDs got bigger (but not any faster) we saw the floor price factor sweep low capacity flash SSDs into embedded systems - because low capacity SSDs actually did cost less than the lowest capacity hard drives.  The slowest switch-off from hard drives will take place in the consumer PC market - simply because many common PC entertainment apps - don't need the performance of SSDs - whereas they do need high capacity. And although we're 5 years into the notebook SSD market - many early products were disappointing - which has made consumers wary of SSD promises. Eventually all storage will be solid state - but not because solid state storage media hits cost parity with magnetic media. It will happen even if hard disk storage is given away free - because hard drives won't be able to deliver the application performance or the densities needed in future systems. Hard disk failure is a common occurrence in this age of desktops and notebooks.   The typical access time for a Flash based SSD is about 35 - 100 micro-seconds, whereas that of a rotating disk is around 5,000 - 10,000 micro-seconds. That makes a Flash-based SSD approximately 100 times faster than a rotating disk Along with the lower power consumption, there is also much lesser heat dissipation for systems using Flash-based SSDs as their data storage solution.

Lowest $/GB (Brand new in retail)
 | 2007 |  2008|  2009|  2010|  2011|  2012|
2.5-inch HDD |  0.79|  0.53|  0.22|  0.16|  0.08|  0.05| SSD|  -|  12.50|  1.95|  1.19|  0.98|  0.60|
Ratio|  NA|  x24|  x9|  x7|  x12|  x12|
(Source: PrceG2

Back in November, took a look at the impact the floods in Thailand were having on the hard drive online market...
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