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GD  topics
Should military training be made compulsory,
Basis for reservation in elite institute,
Sports in India,
Why crime/terrorism is increasing in society/nation,
Which is the biggest problem in India-poverty,illiteracy,population How cans brain drain can be stopped,
Criminalization in politics,
Who is responsible for crime against women,
Whether women should be recruited in army or not
Solution for indo-pak problem
Shortage of officers in defense forces
Should there be reservation in Indian
u r a group of college student going to  city rampur (R) from city sitapur( S ) by a school van when u reach to lilapur u find a ferrymen is injured and bleeding,he told u while crossing the river from his boat (B) few dacoits were planning for a drug deal in the village raigarh at 12.30pm where a police post is also there and they are also going to poison a water tank  in a village dinpur  where more than 200 people are participating in a fair(mela). And than they stabbed him and while telling this he got uncouncious.same time his son came by a bicycle and told the wall of well fall down and it is necessary to repair it otherwise the crop will fail/ u group of youngmen what will u do in the picture  lilapur is about 5 km away frm the main highway joining rampur and sitapur.rampur is 7 km away and sitapur is 12km from the border line.dinpur is about 15 km frm lialapur and a downstream is also flowing, and ramgarh is about 15 km frm lilapur,mand the present time is 11 a.m  

the blue line depicts downstream river, red- highway, grey dotted -kachhi sadak.T-water tank ,PP-police post,B-boat,R-rampur,S-sitapur,W-well.  
Friends we are on our way to rampur from sitapur and when we reached to lilapur we faced four problem, we divide our group in small teams and solve the problems simultaneously  
Problem.1-to save life of ferry men
We send two candidates along with the injured ferrymen with the college van to the near hospital in raigarh Distance-22 km Time-30 min
Problem.2- to stop the dacoits to poisoned the water tank
We send four candidates to dinpur through boat , will tell the officers about the dacoit plans  and  n save life of people Distance-15 km time -1.30 hrs
Problem 3-to stop the drug deal
Will send two  candidate through cycle through kaccha road which will inform   at police post and stop the drug deal Distance-15 km ,time -1 hour
Problem-4-to repair the well
Two candidate will help the boy to repair the wall of well and save the crop  
In last theyall meet at lilapur and continue to Rampur

Brain drain
GREEN  house effect
Drug addiction
Child labour
Evils of terrorism
Empowering women
Equal status for women
Relation between  India and its neighbor countries
Iraq war
North east problem
Role of media
Seat for India in UN security council

TAT is a test of imagination ,in which a series of pictures are shown one after another .the candidate is expected to write a story in the given space around the picture describing what let to the picture & what happened afterwards.  

In the picture shown a scene is projected showing a situation upon which the candidate has to base a theme as he perceive in the scene of the picture .this becomes the basis of the central idea of the story .it is therefore a test involving story writing based upon the subject as observed or noticed by the candidate . This test was advocated by Prof. Murray of U.S.A. through his need-cum-press theory . According to which every human being has a need/faces a problem/faces challenges/has a goal/ and   which results into a press action(motivation) . press action involving mental &  physical effort leading him to perform various action. Actions aimed at satisfying the need/solving the problem/ overcoming the challenge/achieving   the goal respectively. Therefore it is the...
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