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  • Published : September 19, 2010
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|Social Studies 11 Unit 1-1 |
|Reading Guide |
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A Different Canada
Resource: Counterpoints: Exploring Canadian Issues, Chapter 1 Introduction
1. Describe five changes in Canada’s borders between 1905 and 2005. •

2. What was Canada’s population in:
• 1911
• 2000
Society and Manners
3. Where did most Canadians live in 1900?
4. Identify several Victoria era values in Canada.

5. Describe how women were treated in the early 1900s.

6. Define the term suffragist.
7. Identify several goals of the suffragists.

8. Who was Nellie McClung?
9. Describe how each of the following influenced Canadian culture: • Lucy Maud Montgomery:
• Stephen Leacock:
• Ernest Thompson Seton:
• Pauline Johnson:
• Homer Johnson:
• Ozias Leduc:
Still a British Nation
10. Who was responsible for settling Canada’s disputes with other nations in 1900?
11. What was at stake in the Alaska Boundary Dispute?
12. Why might Britain not have supported Canada’s desire to control the Lynn Canal in Alaska?
13. Define the term imperialist.
14. Why did many English Canadians support Britain in the Boer War? 15. Why were French speaking Canadians not enthusiastic supporters of the British Empire?
16. Define the term nationalist.
17. Why did Henri Bourassa resign from Wilfred Laurier’s government? 18. What Manitoba issue caused disagreements between French and English speaking groups in Canada?
Canada’s Changing Population
19. What did Wilfred Laurier do to help Canada prosper after he became Prime Minister in 1896?
20. What did the federal government offer immigrants who settled on Canada’s prairies?
21. What did they have to do in return?
22. Define the term ethnocentric.
23. Why did some French speaking Canadians fear the arrival of immigrants? 24. Why were some eastern European immigrants ridiculed?
25. Under what circumstances were...
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