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Topics: Tropical cyclone, Hurricane preparedness, Storm Pages: 3 (290 words) Published: March 16, 2011
My name is KJand I am a 5th form student at the Cayon High School. In an effort to complete my School Based Assessment for Social Studies on Hurricane preparedness, kindly complete the following questionnaire on hurricane preparedness. Thank You.



Age range:

18-2526-35 36-50 50 and over

1. How many people live in your home?

1(you alone)2-45-7above 7

2. Are you the head of your home?

Yes No

3. What months do we experience hurricanes?

January-April May-AugustJune-November

4. When do you begin making preparations to safeguard yourself against hurricane?

After warning before warningdon’t make them

5. How many hurricane have you experienced?

1-56-10 11 and above

6. Which of the following preparation measures do you take?

Batten windows preserve foodfill buckets with water

Secure valuables buy bottled waterbuy batteriesother 7. How many categories are hurricanes placed into?


8. Do you do the same preparations for a tropical storm as a hurricane?


9. How many hurricane shelters are there in Tabernacle?

01-4more than four not aware of any

10. Are you aware if there is a disaster preparedness committee in Tabernacle?


11. Who does the main preparation in the house for an approaching storm/hurricane?

You alone all adults in the home head of the home all family members

12. How do you obtain information about hurricanes?

RadioTV Word of mouthother (specify)

13. What do you think can be done to encourage persons to be better prepared?...
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