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Welcome! As part of Cascade, an ongoing research project that aims to improve our use of technology to support our course delivery, we are updating our current online assignment submission system. As part of this process we are investigating the possibility of using it more widely in the Department and as such would like to ask you a few questions about this.

The results of the survey will, therefore, help us to identify where this provision may (or may not) be appropriate and what training and support might be required. The survey should take you about five minutes to complete.

When you have answered all the questions. Click the “Done” button. Note that once you have exited, you will not be able to go back into the survey and change your answers. After analysis, the data will be recorded anonymously and you will not be identifiable in any published work.

Thank you very much for taking part.
1. We are investigating the widening the provision of automated marking attendence system for our employees. Do you think this is a good idea? Yes
Not sure
2. We have a current automated attendence system (AAS) which we are currently updating. Have you used AAS? (tick as many as apply) NO(but I have heard of it)
No(I didn’t realise the department had this service)
Yes(as a marker)
4. Which of the following apply to you? (Tick all that apply.) I would be technically confident automated marking attendence system. I am confident that automated marking attendence system is secure I do not want to spend more time in a queue to mark attendence. I think that autemated marking attendence system would speed up the marking process I would welcome being able to use thumb recogination software I have used automated marking attendence systems in the past (in the Department or elsewhere) I think automated marking attendence system will be error free. I do not want to mark attendence on registers

I am worried that automated marking attendence will make it easier to hide...
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