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Topics: Requirements analysis, Software requirements, Microsoft Pages: 9 (1777 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Software Requirements Specification
University Management System
Version 1.0 approved
Prepared by Shruti Biswal
NIT Rourkela

Table of Contents
Table of Contentsii
Revision Historyii
1.2Document Conventions1
1.3Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions1
1.4Product Scope2
2.Overall Description2
2.1Product Perspective2
2.2Product Functions3
2.3User Classes and Characteristics3
2.4Operating Environment3
2.5Design and Implementation Constraints4
2.6User Documentation4
2.7Assumptions and Dependencies4
3.External Interface Requirements4
3.1User Interfaces4
3.2Hardware Interfaces5
3.3Software Interfaces5
3.4Communications Interfaces5
4.System Features6
4.1System Feature 16
5.Other Nonfunctional Requirements7
5.1Performance Requirements7
5.2Safety Requirements7
5.3Security Requirements7
5.4Software Quality Attributes7

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The main objective of this document is to illustrate the requirements of the project University Management system .This document describes the design decisions, architectural design and the detailed design needed to implement the system. It provides the visibility in the design and provides information needed for software support. The document gives the detailed description of the both functional and non functional requirements proposed by the client. The document is developed after number of consultations with the client and considering the given requirements of the Project. The final product of the team will be meeting the requirements of this document

1.2 Document Conventions
The following are the list of conventions and acronyms used in this document and the project as well:

Administrator: A login id representing a user with user administration privileges to the software

User: A general login id assigned to users

Client: Intended users for the software

SQL: Structured Query Language; used to retrieve information from a database

SQL Server: A server used to store data in an organized format

ASP: Active Server Pages: A Web Page formatted on the server and delivered to the browser.

User Interface Layer: The section of the assignment referring to what the user interacts with directly.

Application Logic Layer: The section of the assignment referring to the Web Server. This is where all computations are completed.

Data Storage Layer: The section of the assignment referring to where all data is recorded

Data flow diagram: It shows the dataflow between the entities.

Use Case: A broad level diagram of the project showing a basic overview

Boolean: A true/false notation

Interface: Sometimes used to communicate between different mediums

Unique Key: Used to differentiate entries in a database
1.1 Product Scope
Online fee payment system can be used in universities to eases up the fee payment procedure and replace the old payment via draft method. This increases inefficiency of fee payment via draft, reduces the time taken for payment by normal process and gives a detailed bill about the payment history in the student profile. It provides a mechanism to edit the online marking form which makes the system is flexible.

Overall Description
Product Perspective

The proposed University Management System is an online University Management System. This System will provide a view profile, do online fee payment, register for next semester and other miscellaneous resources. This view will be based on the categories like examination schedules and daily activities. Further the University Management staff personnel (faculty) can add/update/remove the resources or an automatic removal of accessing features when the time limit completes. The users can view, submit, online fee payment and view information about their...
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