Srs for Passport Automation System

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Passport Automation System
Problem Statement
Passport Automation System is used in the effective dispatch of passport to all of the applicants. This system adopts a comprehensive approach to minimize the manual work and schedule resources, time in a cogent manner. The core of the system is to get the online registration form (with details such as name, address etc.,) filled by the applicant whose testament is verified for its genuineness by the Passport Automation System with respect to the already existing information in the database. This forms the first and foremost step in the processing of passport application. After the first round of verification done by the system, the information is in turn forwarded to the regional administrator's (Ministry of External Affairs) office. The application is then processed manually based on the report given by the system, and any forfeiting identified can make the applicant liable to penalty as per the law. The system also provides the applicant the list of available dates for appointment to 'document verification' in the administrator's office, from which they can select one. The system forwards the necessary details to the police for its separate verification whose report is then presented to the administrator. The administrator will be provided with an option to display the current status of application to the applicant, which they can view in their online interface. After all the necessary criteria has been met, the original information is added to the database and the passport is sent to the applicant.

Software Resource Specification 1.0 Introduction
Passport Automation System is an interface between the Applicant and the Authority responsible for the Issue of Passport. It aims at improving the efficiency in the Issue of Passport and reduce the complexities involved in it to the maximum possible extent. 1.1


If the entire process of 'Issue of Passport' is done in a manual manner then it would take several months for the passport to reach the applicant. Considering the fact that the number of applicants for passport is increasing every year, an Automated System becomes essential to meet the demand. So this system uses several programming and database techniques to elucidate the work involved in this process. As this is a matter of National Security, the system has been carefully verified and validated in order to satisfy it. 1.2

• The System provides an online interface to the user where they can fill in their personal details and submit the necessary documents (may be by scanning). • The authority concerned with the issue of passport can use this system to reduce his workload and process the application in a speedy manner. • Provide a communication platform between the applicant and the administrator. • Transfer of data between the Passport Issuing Authority and the Local Police for verification of applicant's information. • Users/Applicants will come to know their status of application and the date in which they must subject themselves for manual document verification.


Definitions, Acronyms and the Abbreviations
• Administrator - Refers to the super user who is the Central Authority who has been vested with the privilege to manage the entire system. It can be any higher official in the Regional Passport Office of Ministry of External Affairs. • Applicant - One who wishes to obtain the Passport. • PAS - Refers to this Passport Automation System. • HTML - Markup Language used for creating web pages. • J2EE – Java 2 Enterprise Edition is a programming platform and it is the partof the

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java platform for developing and running distributed java applications. • HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. • TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is the communication protocol used to connect hosts on the Internet. 1.4

IEEE Software Requirement Specification format.


Technologies to be...
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