Srs for Bpo Management System

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A Call center is an area where several customer service representative (CSR) agents are located to man a bank of telephones and computer terminals. These agents are specially trained on telephone etiquette, the type of customer queries, that may arise and on how to respond to these queries in a quick and efficient manner. A Call center can also equipped with an automatic call handling system like an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) so that all routine, repetitive queries  Call center has tremendous impact on business. Call centers for selling goods and services, as well as call centers for providing customer care, is going to become a familiar part of the business of virtually every person. Call centers also pioneered the developed of self-service via the telephone, using interactive voice response technology. It is providing a richer and friendlier environment for self-service transactions than the tone telephone can be answered by the system without the customer having to speak to a CSR agent Revision History

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Table of Contents

1.1.Purpose and Intended Audience1
1.2.Scope of Product1
1.3.Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations2
2.General Description6
2.1.Product Perspective6
2.2.Product Features6
2.2.1.Data Management6
2.3.User Characteristics7
2.3.1.Use-Case Diagram7
2.3.3.Use-Case Descriptions7
2.3.5.Usermanual 8 2.4.General Constraints12
2.5.StakeholderProfile 12 2.6.UserEnvironment 12

3.Product Overview6
4.Specific Requirements13
4.1.External Interface Requirements13
4.1.1.User Interfaces13
4.2.System Requirements18
4.2.1.Hardware requirements18
4.2.2.Software requiements18
4.2.3.Software interface22
4.3.Non-behavioral Requirements28
4.3.1.Performance Requirements28
4.3.2.Qualitative Requirements28
4.3.3.Design and Implementation Constraints28
4.3.4. Benifits29



1 Purpose and Intended Audience

Call Center Management System is an Intranet and Internet Application which deals with Automation of a call center, Recruitment, performance of call center executives, payroll management and also deals with Customer Queries.

2 Scope of Product

This system shall give a solution to ensure that the Customer can use the proposed new channels to access information as well as submit applications and first appeals. System shall comprise of the Call Centre and the Web Portal. We would like to maintain a common application to submit applications/first appeals received...
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