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Topics: Requirements analysis, Software Requirements Specification, Application software Pages: 4 (829 words) Published: October 2, 2011
1. Introduction

The following subsections of the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document should provide an overview of the entire SRS. The thing to keep in mind as you write this document is that you are telling what the system must do – so that designers can ultimately build it. Do not use this document for design!!!

1.1 Purpose

Identify the purpose of this SRS and its intended audience. In this subsection, describe the purpose of the particular SRS and specify the intended audience for the SRS.

1.2 Scope

In this subsection:
(1) Identify the software product(s) to be produced by name (2) Explain what the software product(s) will, and, if necessary, will not do (3) Describe the application of the software being specified, including relevant benefits, objectives, and goals (4) Be consistent with similar statements in higher-level specifications if they exist

This should be an executive-level summary. Do not enumerate the whole requirements list here.

1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations.

Provide the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properly interpret the SRS. This information may be provided by reference to one or more appendices in the SRS or by reference to documents. This information may be provided by reference to an Appendix.

2. The Overall Description

Describe the general factors that affect the product and its requirements. This section does not state specific requirements. Instead, it provides a background for those requirements, which are defined in section 3, and makes them easier to understand. In a sense, this section tells the requirements in plain English for the consumption of the customer. Section3 will contain a specification written for the developers.

2.1 Product Perspective

Put the product into perspective with other related products. If the product is independent and totally self-contained, it should be so stated here. If...
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