Srs Elicitation Questionnaire

Topics: Requirements analysis, Software engineering, Software requirements Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Software Requirements Elicitation Techniques

Version 1.0

Prof Ravi Gorthi,
The LNMIIT, Jaipur

Software requirements are engineered by iteratively following the below mentioned activities:

i) Software Requirements Elicitation
ii) Software Requirements Analysis
iii) Documenting Software Requirements Specifications

This paper focuses on the first activity above, namely, the Software Requirements Elicitation and attempts to describe and illustrate a set of questionnaire that can be used either,

i) while interviewing the business users or
ii) while studying the reference documents provided by the business users,

in order to understand the operations of the business users in a top-down fashion and gradually drill down into the details of the functions that need to be automated. Such a top-down approach will enable the software developers to cope with and manage the complexity of the business operations, which need to be automated, through divide-and-conquer technique until unambiguous, correct, complete, consistent and verifiable ‘situation-response sequences’ tagged with priorities and traceability are elicited, documented, reviewed and approved.

The outcome of the elicitation sessions is to come-up with,

a) Minutes-of-Meeting document after each interview session, and b) Software Requirements Specifications document (in IEEE standard format),

which are reviewed and approved by the head of the business users’ community.

Questionnaire for eliciting Software Requirements Specifications:

This questionnaire can be iteratively used to elicit software requirement specifications in an incremental fashion until the software development team gets a nearly complete set of requirements, which are unambiguous, correct, consistent and approved by the business users’ head.

Q1. Getting to know the purpose of going in for the...
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