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We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, adventure, excitement and learning! There is no end to adventures and learning, we can have them if only we seek them with our eyes and mind open.

my international internship through AIESEC, an NGO, took me to an incredible journey to Sri Lanka ; a booming country with beautiful and varied geography and a great deal of history.

I was offered an international internship to Sri Lanka to teach Hindi, Dance and Sports to the under privileged children of Sri Lanka. There were 250 other interns from all over the world and i was representing India. I have realized that teaching is a challenging job. Those children just knew their traditional language, Sinhalese, and there stood the challenge of teaching Hindi, and that too, using English!

We had events almost everyday and one such event was Global Village!This was the most amazing thing i have come across. 250 interns from all around the globe, knowing about the cultures of almost 50 countries, grouping together country-wise and trying our hearts out to represent our country's culture in the best way possible through dances, music , dramas, fashion- shows and WHAT NOT!! Such experiences truly takes a student away from the comforts of the theoretical and immerses into the material real world issues,  challenges your personal and intellectual conceptions to the fullest! An internship abroad is a great way to explore new cultures and countries, while building up your resume at the same time.

With the help and company of my new friends, i navigated my way across all hidden treasures of the awesome country and with some precaution even the beautiful Banana trees filled jungles in the mountain areas. All of this while making lasting contributions to projects at my organisation.

Accomplishments in the internship...being awarded as the best intern..not only deepened my understanding but also has helped me in discovering my power. i feel so...
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