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Image of Indian Woman in Woman’s Poetry
Dr. Kalpna Rajput
240, Civil Lines
Budaun, Uttar Pradesh.

Woman’s voice was heard for long and from ages but only in the songs sung to highlight the spiritual yearning or in the lyrics and the passionate love songs. Indian woman for long had been encircled in the whirlpool of pain and suffering of orthodox society. Though much has been done to relieve them from the plight from the time of William Bentick to curtail the evil practices against woman and that social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy clamored for widow remarriages and for restoration of her rights. But the pace of reformation is still slow. The voice of the women is yet to be heard though women in India have been fortunate enough to occupy high and honourable places of power. But the fact remains that traditional bound society is yet to liberate the Indian women fully. It cannot be denied that there are clear differences between male and female temperaments and this difference would show in every thing to which both sexes turn their hand. In art apart from the necessary standards of technical efficiency, what matter the expression of the individual temperament is. I am not trying to prove that one (male or female) is superior to the other in the emotional vitality. I honestly feel that there are such features without denying the essential fact that any satisfactory work of is produced under conditions of total incandescence of the whole personality. It is also possible that what are known as female ingredients are features of poetic style of thematic choice not altogether absent in male writers but which occur in the female writers with great frequency. As a preliminary exercise in identifying the such features and the overall view of women poets about Indian women is intended to present the poetry of women poets in our country is Toru Dutt, Sarojini Naidu, Kamala Das, Gauri Deshpandey, Monika Verma, Lakshmi Kannan, Mamta Kalia, Lila Ray, Gauri Pant, Margaret Chatterjee, Chitra Prasad, Rohini Gupta and Anna Sujata Modayil. The emergence of a large number of women poets is significant features of Post-independence Poetry. These Indian English women poets communicate a powerful female sensibility which does not find expression in their male counterparts.

Women poets write consciously as women. What distinguishes their poetry is their confessional and autobiographical note, frank, candid, bold and realistic expressions of their attitude to woman. Commenting on the feminine sensibility in Indian English Poetry Murli Das Melwani says: Their themes are few in number. Thwarted desires, the frustration of living in a male dominated world, Sex and of course Love are common ones. Contemporary situations are finding more frequent mention in their poems. The viewpoint is peculiarly feminine, a distinctive tone setting of their work from the rest of Indo English Poetry. Another distinguishing mark is the frequency with which imagery is used to suggest personal reactions. (Melwani: 35) A vast impact of surrounding milieu can be glanced in the poetry of these Indian Women Poets. Toru Dutt and Sarojini Naidu are called the precursors of women poetry. In those olden times the condition of woman was not so crucial as is now but there was also rampant the slavery of orthodox beliefs, although a strong impression of righteousness, love and peace can be seen in the women of ancient times. In the past the image of woman was that of Kali, Uma, Lakshmi, Durga, Sita and Anusuya whom man also gave full reverence. The images of the woman are basically drawn from the Hindu religious texts i.e. the Ramayana, the Mahabharata Shrimad Bhagvada Gita and Vishnu Puran. A.N.Dwivedi aptly remarks: Savitri ,Sita and Jagadhya Uma are the ideal representative of Indian womanhood and offer an opportunity to the poetess to reveal the mysterious feminine nature. Toru’s intimate feelings are expressed through...
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