Squirt Case Study

Topics: Soft drink, Carbonated water, Cream soda Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Product Strategies

• Product Classification- Squirt Soda is a carbonated beverage with grapefruit flavoring. It is an impulse buy; consumers do not put a lot of time and effort in deciding whether or not to purchase such a product. Therefore consumers need to be reminded of the brand through intelligent, funny advertising or advertising that creates a relevant connection with the consumer audience.

o Soft Drinks are homogenous goods. They compete on price, availability, and most importantly, their sale and success depends on their images in the minds of consumers.

• Differentiation-Squirt has a unique image opportunity: Brand itself as the most refreshing and naturally made citrus soda on the market. It should have the lowest sugar content, and a major part of the “Natural” image we feel Squirt should take would come from using cane sugar, and advertising that on the packaging.

o People should be reminded that grapefruit is a vitamin and antioxidant rich fruit with an unrivaled refreshing quality created by Mother Nature.

o Image Differentiation- Squirt should be branded as the beverage of summer fun, refreshment from the summer heat. It should make the case that it is “Beyond the Ordinary,” and all efforts should be made to differentiate it from other sodas.

o Whereas Mountain-Dew is refreshment for the extreme, super active, alternative lifestyle generation, Squirt should be that generations go to drink set in an atmosphere of every day activities and good times. Where Mountain Dew has caffeine and pumps the energy into this segment, Squirt should refresh and cool them off, perhaps including an energy additive to recover your energy, like some Gatorade drinks.

o Squirt can be branded for quality. It can be the “green” soda. From the packaging to the ingredients, to the way it is made and distributed, the image should be healthy, engaging consumers to not think of it as another soft drink that is responsible for the...
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