Squirrel Story for 6th Grade Short Story

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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In 1891 there was a poor family in Finland that had lived there for many generations. The family consisted of a mother, father and two sons. They had always wanted to go to America so they could make money on the cranberry bogs. Neighbors and friends had gone to America to work on the bogs and wrote letters to the family saying how nice it was. They wanted to go there so badly that they decided to start praying for enough money to go. The following day after they first prayed, when they woke up, they had a squirrel standing outside their door. When they would leave, it would follow them. It followed them to the market, it followed the kids to school, it followed them everywhere.

About two weeks later, when the two boys walked out the door on their way to school, they asked the squirrel “Why are you following us? What do you want?” It looked at them and it suddenly began to glow. As they watched, it became a wooden squirrel bank and when they looked in, it was full of golden coins. They showed it to their parents and within two months, they were in America. Because of this, they became wealthy. They kept the squirrel bank and passed it on for generations until it eventually went to my Papa and he passed it on to me. Every so often, when I look in the bottom of the bank, I can swear I see a golden glimmer.

The end.
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