Squids: Colossal Squid

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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1.  How many arms does the squid have?  How many tentacles? What do the arms do and what do the tentacles do? It has 8 arms with 2 rows of suckers on the undersides, and 2 long feeding tentacles. The arms rip prey apart and stuff it into the mouth while the tentacles capture and pull the prey in. 2.  Do both the tentacles and arms have suction cups? 

Yes, both have suction cups, but the tentacles only have it at the end. 3. What is the function of the fins (also known as finlets)? It acts as rudders to help the squid guide itself in the direction it wants to go. 4. What color is a squid’s blood? Why isn’t it red?

It is blue because they use an oxygen-carrying molecule in their blood that contains copper, and not the usual iron. 5.  Name the “external structure” that the squid has in common with the Clam. The squid’s pen, which is located in the mantle acts as a stong supporting structure, just as the clam has its shell. 6.  Name two external features that would be “adaptations for the squid’s predatory way of life.” The radula, a conveyor belt of tiny teeth, helps the squid to tear its prey apart and its tentacles, which grab and capture its prey are two features that are adaptations for the squid’s predatory way of life. 7.  Read the “Moving and Locomotion” section from the handout, and carefully review this animation on squid locomotion: http://www.biology.ualberta.ca/courses.hp/zool250/animations/Squid.swf (a) Explain the function of the pen?

It acts as a strong supporting structure so that the squid does not flop around. (b) What is the function of the SIPHON (or FUNNEL)? 
Water is let out of the siphon and it helps the squid move in directions by opening, closing and turning it. (c) If water shoots out the siphon to propel the squid in the water, which direction does the squid move? - head first (ventral end first), or fin first (dorsal end first)? The squid will move to the right, fin first.

8. Explain what CHROMATOPHORES are and how they are used...
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