Squid Soap an Intersting Start-Up

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Squid Soap by Airborne
Squid Soap is a new product on the market introduced by Airborne, Inc. This company is committed to healthy living and teaching healthy behaviors to young children. Airborne, Inc. was started by Victoria Knight-McDowell, a second grade teacher, who developed a drug free, immune fighting, herbal formula to help combat the many germs and viruses that are prevalent in schools today. Since the debut of the herbal supplement, Airborne has become a house-hold name. The next step for Airborne, Inc. was to offer Airborne Pixies. These Pixies include all of the immune boosting ingredients of the original Airborne however they come in fun flavors that children enjoy. They also have a product to help soothe sore throats called Airborne Gummi’s. Staying healthy and keeping your children healthy is what Airborne, Inc. is all about. Their products are designed to be preventive treatments against germs and viruses. Squid Soap is a perfect addition to this company’s business portfolio. Airborne bought the patented children’s soap dispenser in June of 2007. Hand washing, if done correctly, is one of the best ways to help stop the spreading of germs and viruses. PRODUCT_____________________________________________________

Squid Soap is a bottle of liquid hand soap with a uniquely designed vegetable dye stamp located on the nozzle. Children use the stamp to mark their hands with a red dot, and then use the soap to wash the dot off. The dot requires the children to wash their hands properly and for an adequate amount of time in order for it to disappear. It takes about 20 seconds for this to happen. This soap makes hand washing fun and also teaches children how to wash their hands appropriately. Squid Soap has effectively made the need of showing children proper hand washing techniques apparent. This product also satisfies that need in a way that children will love....
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