Square Group

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Square (conglomerate) Group Of Comapanies

SQUARE is a Bangladeshi industrial conglomerate. The industries under this group include Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries, Consumer products. Services provided by SQUARE include Health care (Hospitals), Information and Communication Technology. Visions of Square are to emphasize the quality of products, processes and services, leading to growth of the company imbued with good governance. **List of companies**

* Square pharmaceuticals Ltd.
* Square InformatiX Ltd
* Square Textiles Ltd.
* Square Spinnings Ltd.
* Square Toiletries Ltd.
* Square Consumer Products Ltd.
* Square Knit fabrics Ltd.
* Square Fashion Ltd.
* Square Agro Development and Processing Ltd.
* Square Hospitals Ltd.
* Square Herbal & Nutraceuticals Ltd.
Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Type - Ltd
Industry - Pharmaceutical
Founded - 195
Headquarters - Pabna, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people - Samson H. Chowdhury
Website - http://www.squarepharma.com.bd/
Corporate History of Square Pharma
The company was founded in 1958 by Samson H. Chowdhury along with three of his friends as a private firm. It went public in 1991 and is currently listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship company, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since 1985 and it has been continuously in the 1st position among all national and multinational companies since 1985. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is now on its way to becoming a high performance global player. Corporate Focus

As per vision, mission and objectives; they are to emphasize on the quality of product, process and services leading to growth of the company imbibed with good governance. Chronology since Inception

* 1958: Debut of Square Pharma as a Partnership Firm.
* 1964: Converted into a Private Limited Company.
* 1974: Technical Collaboration with Janssen...
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