Sql and Ruby

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What are the differences between SQL and RUBY?
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The best way to approach SQL language is to think of that S in its name: It means Structured Quarry Language. Early on, you're going to get a lot of error messages as you try to figure out the proper order of a SQL statement, but at least there's a (usually) consistent pattern to memorize. We'll start with the simplest building block of a statement and gradually add on to it. You can practice this next section in any SQL environment you like. Again, I'll be using Firefox's SQLite plugin, but anything that allows you to open up a SQLite database and type in SQLite commands will suffice. We will not be writing any Ruby code during this exploration of the SQL basics. and RUBY is Ruby - an alternative to python, good for somethings, not sure what they are though... Java and C# are more or less in the same category and are multi-purpose languages C++ is the DON of all programming languages, learning it is difficult, programming in it is difficult but the results (if done properly, mistakes are easier made in C++ but more difficult to weed out than lets say python) are truly spectacular. • Answerer 2

SQL stands for Structured Query language designed to query databases. It has constructs which lets you retrieve and update the data in a database like (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access)

Ruby is a programming language to write desktop/web applications. It is famous to be used with a framework called RAILS which provides rapid application development for web based application • Answerer 3

SQL is a database access and maintenance language. While the current does contain some procedural elements, it is not and was never intended to be a programming language. It is intended to defined databases and insert/delete/modify/retrieve data from them, period.

Ruby IS a programming language and can be used to create applications.

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