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Sprint Nextel Corporation SWOT Analysis
Edgardo L. Cartagena Luna
Management 521
University of Phoenix
February 14, 2013

Sprint Nextel Corporation SWOT Analysis
Sprint Nextel Corporation (Sprint) is a communications company. The company provides a range of wireless and wireline communications products and services to individual consumers, businesses, government subscribers and resellers. It provides wireless services on a postpaid and prepaid basis to retail subscribers and also on a wholesale and affiliate basis. The company markets its postpaid services under the Sprint and Nextel brands, and prepaid services under the Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless brands. The company offers its services through wireless networks, an all-digital global long distance network and a Tier 1 Internet backbone. (www.alacrastore.com, 2013) Mission

Sprint’s mission is to be number one in providing a simple, instant, enriching and productive customer experience. (Sprint Nextel Corporation, 2013). Vision
Sprint’s vision is to be a world class company, with standards by which others are measured, including a commitment to developing a world class supplier base that is reflective of the communities we serve. (Sprint Nextel Corporation, 2013). History

Sprint's red diamond logo represented the combined achievements of many legendary predecessors, including United Telecommunications, US Sprint and Centel. Each embraced the same bold approach that Sprint's founder Cleyson Brown showed in 1899, when the Brown Telephone Company successfully went toe-to-toe with the Bell monopoly in Abilene, Kansas. By the mid-1970s, the company's aggressive growth strategies had firmly established it as the nation's largest independent local telephone provider. (Sprint Nextel Corporation, 2013).

During the 1980s Sprint led all U.S. telecom companies by completing the first nationwide, 100% digital, fiber-optic network. It was The Company that gave America pin-drop clarity and also became a global leader in voice and data services during the early 90s. Sprint took its wireless strategy a big step further in the late '90s by building the only nationwide PCS network in the U.S.

Meanwhile, a visionary entrepreneur named Morgan O’Brien founded a company called Fleet Net in 1987. This company was renamed Nextel in 1993 and rapidly established itself as a nationwide force in the burgeoning world of wireless communications. In September 1996, the company introduced Motorola's breakthrough iDEN technology. This marked the first combination of enhanced digital cellular, two-way radio and text/numeric paging in one phone – the famed Nextel phone. (Sprint Nextel Corporation, 2013).

By 2005 the company was launched as Sprint Nextel Corporation after a merge done between the two, Sprint Corporation and Nextel Corporation. Both companies with proven records of successful achievements were brought together to continue opening new doors for customers and the industry. (Sprint Nextel Corporation, 2013).

A stakeholder is defined as a party that has an interest in an enterprise or project. The primary stakeholders in a typical corporation are its investors, employees, customers and suppliers. However, modern theory goes beyond this conventional notion to embrace additional stakeholders such as the community, government and trade associations. (www.investopidia.com, 2013). Going forward in the discussion let’s take a look on Sprints Internal and External stakeholders.

External Stakeholders
Sprint engages a broad range of Non Government Organizations (NGOs) that have experience on specific issues such as green electronics, paper certification, e-waste, human rights and scope 3-emissions measurement. Each Corporate Responsibility working committee seeks to establish relationships with one to three NGOs and/or investor stakeholders for dialog on the related issue as well as strategy, proposed...
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