Springboard Level 5 Unit 2 Embedded Assessment 1

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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In Bend it Like Beckham, the main character, Jess is faced with many cultures. These cultures pull her mind in two opposite directions. One by pleasing her mom and becoming a Punjabi women and the other being a good soccer player. The movie follows her internal and external conflicts, where she struggles to make a decision regarding her life. Jess struggles between these two conflicts and is very emotional through the whole movie.

Additionally, one of the main conflicts that Jess faces is her goals and aspirations versus her family’s expectations. Jess love of her life is soccer, she does anything to play, and once she is given the chance to play competitively she comes to see her true skills. Jess realizes that she has the talent to be a professional football player, and wants to do everything she can to secure this chance. The other side of this conflict is that of her family’s expectations. Due to their cultural background, they oppose Jess’ desire to play football. In Punjabi culture, women are confined to their home the majority of their time. They learn to cook and manage the household. Once a woman comes of age, her only duty is to find a suitable husband. Her parents share all these ideals and enforce strict control over their daughter so that she does not play soccer. While the parents reasoning may seem strange to outsiders, these gender roles are clearly identified in Punjabi culture. Jess feels torn because she doesn’t like lying to her family and rebelling against their decisions, but she also doesn’t want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime with her exquisite soccer skill set.

Last of all, Jess is able to resolve the conflict with her family after attempting many different resolutions. After presenting logical arguments to her parents, they still don’t budge. Her gay friend is willing to pretend to marry her so that she can go to a university in the United States to play football. Jess, disapproves of lying to her parents again, and lets...
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