Spring Festival in China: Welcoming a New Year

Topics: Chinese New Year, Chinese calendar, New Year's Eve Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Chinese New Year or Spring Festivel is the most important celebration in China. As the name implies, it is January 1st in Chinese Lunar Calendar. It can be started several days before the New Year Day, usually it begins on December 23(Lunar), on this day, people eat a sticky candy and a congee what is cooked by eight grains or beans to celebrate the gain of last year, (and also eat a sticky candy, in legend, the god of stove will report every family states to the god of gods, people use this candy to stick the god of stove's mouth to prevent him speak bad words.) people also begin to prepare to buy new cloths, foods , decorations and also stick couplets and paper-cuts on doors and windows. On the New Year Eve, each family gather together and have a great dinner, and also chatting, watching TV or make dumplings until midnight. Elders put cash into a red packet as a present send to children. The liviest time is time near 0AM, peoples greet each other, eat dumpling and light fireworks, the light and sound of fireworks make city just looks like in the war. After the New Year Eve and New Year Day, peoples need to visit families, friends and neighbours, and also go to Temple Fair to watch lion dance,dragon dance, playing and shopping. The celebration is finished until January 15(lunar), on that day, familise gather together again and eat Tang-Yuan what is a sticky rice ball stuffed with sweets. Anyway, the topic of Chinese New Year is bid farewell to the old year, welcome to the new year, greet and bless each other.
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