Spring Break

Topics: Spanish language, United States, Costa Rica Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Spring Break 2013
By Beth Haxel
A & E Editor

With the long days of winter finally winding down and the promise of warm weather, Spring Break is the perfect break to look forward to before finishing up the school year. During this ten-day break, (starting Friday, March 29) many people choose to escape the Mid-West blues and go on vacation with family and friends.

Since the weather here in central Illinois can be extremely taxing, most vacations are planned to some place with guaranteed warm weather. The most popular destinations for Spring Break tend to be Florida and Mexico. With average temperatures in the 80s, unending sunshine, beaches all around, and laid-back attitudes, I can’t think of a better place to spend vacation. Frequently visited vacation cities in the Sunshine State include Destin, Miami, and Orlando. The most well-known cities in Mexico are Cancun and Cabo.

Sophomore Bridget McClain, who visited Cancun last year said, “Cancun was so much fun! Everything was so pretty; I definitely want to go back to Mexico.”
If you want to get a little more exotic, other fun Spring Break destinations are Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, if you’re lucky. Costa Rica has beaches, big cities, and amazing rain forests while Puerto Rico is full of rich Hispanic culture. Hawaii is great because it’s technically in the U.S. but feels like such a tropical paradise with white sand beaches, lush forests, and stunning volcanoes. Although these places might be a bit more expensive than your typical trip, it’s sure to be an unforgettable vacation.

If you are on a lower budget, there are still plenty of spots in the U.S. that aren’t as expensive or crowded. For example, Arizona would be the perfect place to relax in the warm sun. You could plan trips to Phoenix or Tucson, and see the magnificent Grand Canyon. On the other side of the country, our capital, Washington D.C. is beautiful in the spring with the blooming cherry blossom trees. Vacationing in...
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