Spring 2012 Evan 565

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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What I have you learned this semester about evangelism as it relates to my Christian walk that has changed my perception and challenged my walk with Christ is my point of view on winning souls. I have found numerous of ways to lead people to Christ and not be churchy. In this class it has taught me to take every advantage to witness to others and tell them about the goodness of God. I have also learned many ways to show the lost Christ and be compassionate to others. I have also learned how to use different types of methods to reach the lost at all cost. I have identified my barriers of why I do not witness more or take advantage of avenues to share Jesus with others. According to McRaney It is very important to incorporate the community and relationship together. McRaney shows us that going out to the community and reaching the people is so important to winning souls. I always felt that God would put you in situations to wittiness. Going out or looking for the opportunity to witness is another story. In looking at this point of witnessing I was forced to look at myself and the role I play. Being a servant of God it is very important to have all seven relationship aspects to reach the lost. I have found that if you are compassionate about soul winning and you start to share Christ with others you will take advantage of all the relationship tools Earley and Wheeler referred to. Dr. Earley and Dr. Wheeler said that we should follow the example of Christ. Remember the story of the woman at the well. This caused the disciples to question Jesus when he was talking to the woman at the well. Jesus ceased the moment to talk to her by asking her questions and most important by listen to her. We often fail to cease the moment to talk with others because of our total relationship with others and personal barriers.What about how we react to others that is not saved? Do we listen? This also is such a major issue with Christians. I have...
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