Spread of Christianity

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Brooke Pahl
Ancient Cultures Hour 7
The Spread of Christianity
30 May, 2013
The Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire
The spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire was made possible by many things including the birth of Jesus, apostles, poverty, travel, roads, language, and the Roman army (PBS, 2006). The major people who took part in the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire were Jesus, the apostle Paul, the Roman army, and Constantine (Thorpe, ND).

After the death of Jesus, his word continued on through teachings to the Jewish communities around the empire. This was made possible by apostles such as Paul and the modern communications of the Roman Empire (PBS, 2006). Over the course of thirty years, Paul traveled around 10,000 miles across the Roman Empire spreading the word of God (PBS, 2006). He focused his preaching on the larger, more important cities such as Ephesus, Philippi, Corinth, and Athens; which were home to thousands of people left poor and desperate (PBS, 2006). These people were the best audience to hear the word of God because they yearned for a sense of hope, which Christianity and God gave them. Paul spoke to individuals in their homes and in synagogues. But unlike Jesus, Paul preached to everyone, not only Jews. He believed that the message should be sent to gentiles as well as Jewish people (PBS, 2006).

The creation of the road system in the Roman Empire and the Roman army are both large central factors in the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire as well (PBS, 2006). Thousands of miles of roads connected major cities as well as the outlying areas of the Roman Empire (Thorpe, ND). The extensive transportation network of roads helped the apostles travel and preach the word of God as well as aided people from different cities to meet and communicate (Thorpe, ND). The Roman army was a major venue for spreading ideas (Mason Academic Research System, ND). The Roman army never had units based on their home...
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