Spratly Island

Topics: Spratly Islands, South China Sea, Philippines Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Castromayor, Danico ErnestNovember 12, 2010
Salvador, Gabrielle Y.A57/ENGLRES

Major: A territory’s importance to a state is relative to its distance. The Philippines, being geographically close to the group of islands have in its great interest the annexation of the island group. (Diehl and Goertz, 1992)

Minor: Halfway between the Philippines and Vietnam and routes going to Indonesia, China etc; lies the Kalayaan Group of Islands. (“The Kalayaan Islands”, 1982)

Minor: The bountiful sea grounds of the islands of Paracel and Spratlys are believed to have gas and oil. (Balana, 2009)

Pro-Argument 2:
Major: The Kalayaan group of islands is vital to the lifestyle and safety of the Republic of the Philippines.

Minor: There are a lot of property that is claimed by all the countries, with Malaysia, China and Brunei. (Ruiz, 2010)

Minor: Talked about the shared position of the South China Sea. (Ruiz, 2010)

HINDI KO NA ALAM YUNG TITLE NG KASUNOD NA TO, basta 3.0 and 4.0 na to:

Major: The Philippines’ claim to the island was started by a man named Tomas Cloma, who on a trip accidentally stumbled upon the islands. Upon realizing that the islands were uninhabited, Cloma made a move to own it.

Minor: Res Nullius which means that no one has claimed the islands at the time of discovery further solidifies the Philippines’ claim.

Minor: (Terra Nullius)

Major: Article 56, Section 1 of the UNCLOS III regarding the Exclusive Economic Zone states that the state has “sovereign rights” to explore, exploit, conserve and manage the zone.

Minor: The Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ extends to two-hundred (200) nautical miles as stated in the law of the sea. The closest island is measured at seventy-nine (79) miles as started in the original claim of Tomas Cloma.
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