Spousal Abuse

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  • Published : April 17, 2002
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Spousal Abuse is a rising issue today in the United States. Spousal Abuse affects individuals of all social classes and gender and both males and females are victims of spousal abuse. Abuse of men is not a topic commonly known or discussed in our society as easily as abuse of females for various reasons. However it is a topic that needs to be examined so men who are being abused know they are not alone and society treats it as problem and not over look it. Bedsides the individuals directly involved it also affects children, other family members and friends that surround them. More than five million people are battered every year alone in the United States. (Business Wire) It is estimated each year violence occurs in sixteen percent of all relationships. Both American and Canadian wives have reported to be more likely to physically assault their husbands than for their husbands to assault them. (Mills) In California one third of all murders of women are a result of domestic dispute. Six percent of spousal abuse is severe involving some of the following: kicking, biting, beating and attacks with a gun or a knife. (Gross) Twenty five percent of victims require medical treatment. (Business Wire) Between forty and sixty percent of men who abuse their wives also abuse their children. (Issues and Controversies) WHAT IS SPOUSAL ABUSE?

There is a wide range of definitions for spousal abuse. The literal meaning of spouse is a husband, wife or a common law partner. (Spousal Abuse) The following definition is compiled from various sources to better define it. Spousal Abuse is abuse of spouse or partner in a relationship in which the two people are dating, married or living together; abuse may be physical, mental or emotional or sexual. PHYSICAL ABUSE

Physical Abuse may begin with minor acts and later on escalate to more serious acts upon the victim. The results of these acts may lead to marks and/or injuries that may be in need of medical treatment. (Jacobs) The most common forms of physical abuse are striking acts, throwing or destroying property, control or choking acts, repeated beating using objects and humiliation violence. (Wallace) Striking acts are when the abuser may strike various with an open or closed hand to various parts of the body. Throwing or destroying property is when the abuser may throw various objects at the spouse or go on a rampage and destroy household property. Control or choking acts allow the abuser to show control and beg for mercy. Repeated beating-using objects are the use of objects during an assault, using the same object allows the abuser to completely control the victim. Finally humiliation violence is the abuser will require the victim to assume certain positions for the imposition of violence. (Wallace) EMOTIONAL ABUSE

There are various forms of emotional abuse but they all contribute to the victim as feeling helpless and inability. One form of emotional abuse is verbal dominance. Meaning the victims opinions, feelings and thoughts carry no weight and are pretty much meaningless. A second form of emotional abuse is isolation, this occurs when the abuser limits the victims access to money, use of the car and other normal activities. The abuser also talks negatively about friends and family making it uncomfortable to maintain outside relationships. A third form of emotional abuse is guilt, this occurs when the abuser blames the spouse for his/her assaultive behavior with rationale, after a period of time the spouse blames self for the battering. A fourth form is fear; the abuser threatens harm to spouse, family or friends in order to stay in control of a situation. Finally a fifth form of spousal abuse is humiliation, this is when the abuser may put down the spouse in front of children, family and friends. (Wallace) SEXUAL ABUSE

Sexual abuse is abuse of a partner forcing to have sex against their will, making a person perform sexual acts that they find degrading or...
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