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Victor Nwakaihe

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Sportsmanship is defined as the conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports. To short it down, sportsmanship is basically teamwork, fair play, courtesy, and having grace in losing. Some people are bad at this because all they care about is winning when really it’s about having fun while playing the game. For example, Jacob Hyde a fourteen year old boy won a sportsmanship award at a college for the sport of freestyle swimming. The swim team that he was on defines its sportsmanship award to be “the embodiment of athletic success measuring personal achievement through competition and citizenship.” The coach and the team think that giving out the sportsmanship award will inspire people to be more of a team player and not getting angry or hate the other team if they lose. Sportsmanship is important in class because being a bad sport will make people think lesser than you even if you win. This could drop you down to a lower class on a team or rank. One day, a bunch of past hockey players on different teams came together on that night to play a friendly game of hockey. The past fans and other spectators enjoyed the game and so did the players. Nobody cared if they win or lose because everybody was having fun playing the game. This is a good example of sportsmanship because playing an activity is not about winning but about having fun while playing. The articles I am reporting about are a good source of sportsmanship and they promote sportsmanship, with exception of one that showed an example of bad sportsmanship. The reason why these two articles promote sportsmanship is because they inspire people to be a good sport and it tells the readers that sometimes you can be rewarded for being a good sport. For those who don’t know how to display sportsmanship I will tell you some simple ways of doing it. To show good sportsmanship you can encourage other teammates no matter what team they...
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