Sports Training

Topics: Weight training, American football, Strength training Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Sports play a huge part in the lives of people all around the world. People play sports for exercise, entertainment, and some even play for money. Everybody who participates in sports should understand that the amount of different sports that exist is enormous. Some sports require the use of a ball while other sports concentrate on running. Sports may concentrate power, agility, or just plain coordination. Because the variety of sports is so vast, athletes must find different ways to train for each sport. Most sports ask for weight lifting and cardio. Others may ask for just repetition and practice. Most athletes would agree that different sports require different types of training.

Football, body building, rowing, and some field events concentrate on explosive power and strength. Weight lifting sits on top as the most common way of training for power sports. Lifting weights helps improve an athlete’s strength. The hundreds of exercises performed in the weight room help strengthen every muscle in the body. The sport of Bodybuilding trains the athlete to gain size and definition. This sport requires long, hard hours of weight training where the workouts concentrate on heavy weight and small reps for size and strength. Weight workouts help build size or definition; athletes lift heavy weights and low repetitions for size. For muscle definition, they lift light weight and more reps. Body building does not stand as the only power sport though. Like body building, football has some positions that need strong athletes. The offensive and defensive linemen on a football team will most likely have massive bodies. These athletes undergo insane workouts. The job of these linemen is to either protect the quarterback while on offense, or tear through the offensive line if on defense. The line of scrimmage, which marks where both sets of linemen meet, is a battle of strength. The line, however, does not require all the strength. All the other players need the power to break...
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