Sports Trading Cards Project

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PISE 307

You are driving your car and are just about to crest upon a hill on a two lane state highway when you suddenly notice a disabled dump truck on your lane. You believe that you are going around 55 mph and believe that you will not stop in time if you merely slam on your brakes. On the right is a three foot gravel shoulder and a swallow drainage ditch.

What should you do?


If I am the driver I would eased off the pedal and then released slightly pressed on the brake.
The other one is I would continually slam my brakes and bump on the three foot gravel shoulder, in that way I can avoid severe accident because of lesser impact.


The police in one large city are concerned about the poor image that is developed with young children in certain neighborhoods. Often, the only contact that these children have with police officers is when the police come to arrest their fathers or older brothers. The younger kids in these neighborhoods only see police as bad guys who come to take their family members away. As a way to increase positive contact, police officers want to start a program to give away sports trading cards. On the front of the card would be the photograph of a favorite sports star; on the back would be some printed information, including, of course, something that promotes good behavior. The general idea is to motivate neighborhood kids to interact with police officers.

Use concepts from this course to help the police union to put this program into effect, including the design, fundraising, and implementation of the program. ANSWER:
The problem in this situation is how to motivate neighborhood kids to interact with police officers. The reason why the young kids thought that the police officers are bad guys that they arrest their family members, so the first step to do is to think a plan that can arrange the situation of the young...
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