Sports Taboo

Topics: Caribbean, Human genetic variation, Black people Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: June 24, 2011
In the article, “The Sports Taboo” Malcolm Gladwell writes about blacks and whites and how society has classified ethnicity in different athletic and social classes. Malcolm Gladwell himself has even been affected by the stereotypes and prejudice that befall him. One may argue that athletic ability or any ability for that matter is due to sheer will, motivation, or good genetics. So is being a good athlete due to one’s ethnicity? A racist stereotype is an assertion of average difference. The general public sees race as a category. They categorize us in terms of sports, intelligence, and our chances of success. Many people find it to be a social foul to point out their differences because we are known to be “all equals.” In truth however, we are all different in physical, genetic, and intellectual traits. According to medical evidence, there have been on average many advantages and disadvantage to black genetics. Studies have shown that on average, African Americans have a greater bone mass compared to white people. This would also suggest a greater muscle mass. Another study has been shown to have more blood – carrying capillaries and more mitochondria in the fibers of their quadriceps, which allows them to carry oxygen throughout their bodies more efficiently. Many people would also consider these to be advantages. Studies have also found that there have been many other genetic differences between African tribe. In fact, there are more genetic variations between African tribes than in all the rest of the world put together. If everyone in the world was wiped out except Africans, almost all the human genetic diversity would be preserved. It makes sense that the sciences accept the idea that the homeland of humanity stems from Africa. Most of our genetics are from African genes. Many people may argue that environment would be a key factor to one’s predetermined genetic ability. We’ve seen many “black” people are to...
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