Sports  Sponsorship  and  Consumer  Purchase  Intention: from  the  Perspective  of  Consumer  Brand  Awareness

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Sports sponsorship has long been crucial sources of funds for sports, literature and art as well as the social events. And after 30 year of development, sponsorship marketing has gradually become a global industry. It is widely acknowledged that sports sponsorship enhances the consumer's perception of a brand via big events. However, the study on to what extent the sports sponsorship would influence consumer purchase intention is rare.

This essay is established in the purchase intention of consumers, from which to explore consumer brand awareness, and then analyze the relationship within sports sponsorship and consumer brand awareness and purchase intention. This article will be analyzed from two parts; the author would analyze the consumer's brand attitude in the first part: from the cognition to the emotion, from the action and reaction, aiming at get a better understanding of the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Later in this essay, the author would discuss the influence sports sponsorship marketing might have upon consumption. Brand effect is able to zoom in during the process of sponsorship marketing, however, sports sponsorship motivation has become a key point that consumers value a brand, in the process, the enterprise needs to show the "altruistic" instead of "self-interest" motivation to win consumers’ favor.

Attitude of consumers is that in a particular situation, consumers learned a tendency for a particular object, this tendency guide consumer behavior (McCort, 1993). More comprehensive view of the attitude is that, attitude contains both cognition and the


emotional factors, but also contains lasting behavioral tendencies (Edwards, 1996). This view starts from the formation process of attitudes and clearly elaborates the interaction of three factors including 'cognition', 'affect' and 'conation ', and then fully constructs an attitude system, which obtains widespread recognition of the theorists. Therefore, based on this theory the author believes that, from the perspective of the formation of attitude the consumer brand attitude for a particular brand, also contains cognitive factors, emotional factors and appetent factors. Therefore, the following discussion related to brand attitudes would be based on these three aspects.

Aaker David puts forward a brand equity model, dividing source of brand equity into four aspects: brand awareness, perceived quality, brand association and brand loyalty (Aaker, 1995) It can be found that these four aspects have a strong correspondence with cognitive, emotional, the appetent factors of brand attitude. Brand awareness is a consumer's perception of the Brand name, which is the precondition for the formation of Brand attitude. Perceived quality is the cognition of the attributes of the product, which is the consumer’s practical value and functional benefits judgment that brand can bring. Brand association represents the emotional connection between brands and consumers. Finally, brand loyalty is positive brand attitude brings positive consumer behavior or behavioral intention.

2.1 The formation of brand attitude - from cognition to the emotion Cognitive and affective variables were two key variables relation to brand attitude; cognition is the precondition of emotions, feelings, in turn, affect cognition. First of all, brand recognition as the most basic brand awareness, has direct and independent impact on brand attitude. Consumers tend to prefer to buy well-known brands, such as cola that Pepsi and Coca-Cola the two giants occupying most of the market, which is the brand effect. At the same time, the spokesperson to some extent also affects consumers' brand attitude, consumers would transfer a certain degree of popularity...
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