Sports Psychology and Movie Synopsis: Talladega Nights

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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Corey Anderson

October 4, 2011

Mr. Collins

Video Assignment #1

Talladega Nights

I chose to go out on a limb and do a comedy and a movie in which I own, to make it easier for me. Now I am not a NASCAR fan nor do I think it is a sport, but in their defense it is very mental and goes hand in hand with sports psychology and what we’re are talking about with mental focus. Pretty much everything that the book has talked about in the first 6 chapters, NASCAR has to deal with a lot of it.

In the movie Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby who is played by Will Ferrell, has dreams of being a NASCAR driver someday and winning races and winning the championship. He starts out as part of the pit-crew for a mediocre driver at best, just waiting for his chance to live out his dream. One race, the driver of the car he works for is not doing a very good job on the course and so they pull him out and Ricky is the first one to raise his hand for a chance at driving the car the rest of the way. So this shows something about Ricky’s personality, confident, always-win mentality and the chance to do what his dad gave up on at an early age is what motivates Ricky. In the first race he makes a huge impact and is the starter for the next race and so on. In the next string of races Ricky goes on a winning streak and gets a ton of sponsorship deals and is living out his dream, with his sidekick and childhood best friend Cal Naughton Jr. who comes in second in almost every race Bobby wins. Later on in the movie, Bobby’s beliefs on how he does things will ruin the friendship and make things a lot harder on Bobby. I believe that Ricky Bobby is driven by intrinsic motivation because he has knowledge of the sport and is gaining new knowledge, when he is in the car he has great stimulation while doing it and he is doing it all for the accomplishment and being the best he can be and living out his dream.

In Ricky’s first few races he shows his ability to race and get in...
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