Sports Play a Vital Role in Our Daily Life

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Honorable principle, respected teachers and my dear friends A.O.A

We all like games and sports because they are essential for a healthy life. They play an important role in the development of our personality. Therefore they are given great importance almost all over the world. They are an important part of our education. This is the reason that every educational institute holds a sports week.

Honorable principle! Sports and games are indication of life full of joys. They keep a person healthy and fit. Sports provide us a mean of physical exercise.

My friends! Some special games like hockey, cricket and football not only make our body sound and healthy but also provide us a source of amusement and entertainment. As we have seen the excitements and rejoice of the World cup 2011. These games create cheerfulness not only in the players but also in the visitors. People gather around in thousands to see a match. They praise the players and clap for them. In this way they create an atmosphere of happiness, rejoicing, joyfulness and brotherhood.

Respected Mam! Sports are also great moral value. They teach us team sprit. The p[layers play not to win personal fame but for the team. Sports and games teach us cooperation and discipline. Players obey the orders of their captain and the Umpire without any question. They have training in getting defeat with a good heart.

Mam! These values are of much in every day life. Sports teach us to become good citizens.
Hence I am compelled to say that sports play a vital role in our life.

Haziq arbab
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