Sports Physician: Career Research

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Career Research Project

GUST 0305 College Success Course


(Write a short paragraph your research project with examples like: How did you research? Where did you research information? What information (books, journal articles, online) did you find?)

I choose the profession of a Sports Physician as my career for my project. I researched information on this field from the internet. The main sources I received my information from were from, Discover, and Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Career Information

Description of the job (What does the job involve? What kinds of responsibilities would you have?)

Physicians in general diagnose illness and problems that people have as well as administering treatment whatever that may be. A Sports physician will usually prevent and treat issues caused by sports or exercise. If the physician works for a specific sports team then they will give the players physical exams before a season and treat a player if they are injured. A Sports physician will also decide when and if the player can safely play again.

Why did you select this field?

I selected this field because I would like to practice medicine someday. During my research I found that being a Sports Physician may be more interesting than just a general physician.

How does this job match your aptitude or skills?

I believe that this job matches my aptitude and skills because I am self motivated, I can make good decisions in an emergency situation, I want to help people who are sick and in need, as well as being able to control my emotions when necessary.

What are the educational and skill requirements?

The educational requirements for a sports physician are a medical degree, 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 8 years of an internship and residency. Some of the skill requirements to be a sports physician are you have to be very good at English,...
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