Sports New Media Marries Tv and the Internet

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Website Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: April 10, 2011
1.Describe the unique features of e-commerce technology illustrated in this case?
Refer to Table 10-2: Eight Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology:

Ubiquity: The Web sites Turner Sports New Media manages are available everywhere at any time. •Global reach: The Web sites reach across national boundaries and are available to millions of sports fan around the globe through the Internet. •Universal standards: Obviously the Web sites are created and operated using Internet standards making them available to anyone with an Internet connection. •Richness: The Web sites include a richness that television can’t match. Turner’s formula provides rich, interactive features that use TV and the Web simultaneously to enhance the viewer’s experience. •Interactivity: Fans are able to switch between TV and unique features on their desktops or laptops. visitors can watch play on certain holes, watch a certain player, aerial views of the course, and get tips from pros on the site while events are in progress. features TrackPass that consists of several interactive applications. •Information density: Information about a particular sport is plentiful, cheap, and more accurate. It’s also more immediate. •Personalization/customization: Sports fans can customize the sites to their liking.’s TrackPass feature allows users to pause, rewind, and replay live races and listen to any driver’s in-car audio. Most of the sites include a “Fantasy” league that individuals or groups can participate in. •Social technology: The Fantasy leagues allow people to establish a social network and communicate with each other via instant messaging or email. The site includes a social networking ‘community’ section for fans.

2.How does the Web enhance the TV business for the companies discussed in this case? How does it add value?

Turner Sports New Media allows businesses to sell more ads thereby reaching more consumers than simply...
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